Friday, September 23, 2011

Goddaughters are Special

The Bergman family exploded with new babies over the summer! Grandpa & Grandma Bergman welcomed 4 new grandbabies within 7 weeks.
First picture of all 4 babies together from youngest to oldest:
Nicholas (4 wks), Amelia (8 wks), Abigail, & Anna (11 wks)
August was a busy month as we celebrated many special events with our goddaughters! We are so blessed to have so many special girls.
Amelia's Baptism
Anna & Abigail's Baptism

Josie's 5th Birthday
Grace's 4th Birthday

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Growing So Big

Nicholas has been growing so fast...
2 Weeks Old
1 month old
Andrew is usually very loving with Nicholas. He has his moments when he tries to push Nicholas off Mom's lap ("Get up baby") so Mom can play with Andrew. He gives plenty of Awws which usually end up as a head but.
5 Weeks Old

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Nicholas

Photos from Bella Baby Photography of Nicholas at the hospital (3 days old).

I Love My Truck!

Andrew loves to drive his trucks around the house. He likes to place things into the truck bed, especially food. We'll give him a snack in a bowl and it is immediately transferred into a truck. It doesn't matter weather it's a cracker, pretzel, cheese-it, goldfish, grapes, or pickels, it always ends up in the truck. He drives his truck around and takes an occasional bite to eat.