Thursday, December 9, 2010

15 Months!

Wow, It's been a long time since the last post. Since the last post... We've enjoyed another year of Buckeyes football. Andrew was a monkey for Halloween. We took him trick-or-treating to see some family. Troy's trick-or-treat night was very cold, so we stayed in to gave out candy. Cousin Ben had his 2nd birthday party. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.

Andrew has definitely been growing and getting into more things (notice all the scrapes on his face). He started running at 14-1/2 months and is getting a little faster every day. He has started to dance when music is playing. He bends his knees and bounces up and down. He is much taller and can reach the top of the table and countertop. He knows how to go down the stair steps. His communication is also developing. When asked if he wants some milk, he runs over to the frig and grabs the handle. When asked if he is ready for night-night, he runs over to the stairs waiting for the ok to go up the steps. In the last couple days, he has started to make the hand sign for milk.