Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Months

Sir Nicholas at 3 months! What a handsome little man!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goddaughters are Special

The Bergman family exploded with new babies over the summer! Grandpa & Grandma Bergman welcomed 4 new grandbabies within 7 weeks.
First picture of all 4 babies together from youngest to oldest:
Nicholas (4 wks), Amelia (8 wks), Abigail, & Anna (11 wks)
August was a busy month as we celebrated many special events with our goddaughters! We are so blessed to have so many special girls.
Amelia's Baptism
Anna & Abigail's Baptism

Josie's 5th Birthday
Grace's 4th Birthday

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Growing So Big

Nicholas has been growing so fast...
2 Weeks Old
1 month old
Andrew is usually very loving with Nicholas. He has his moments when he tries to push Nicholas off Mom's lap ("Get up baby") so Mom can play with Andrew. He gives plenty of Awws which usually end up as a head but.
5 Weeks Old

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Nicholas

Photos from Bella Baby Photography of Nicholas at the hospital (3 days old).

I Love My Truck!

Andrew loves to drive his trucks around the house. He likes to place things into the truck bed, especially food. We'll give him a snack in a bowl and it is immediately transferred into a truck. It doesn't matter weather it's a cracker, pretzel, cheese-it, goldfish, grapes, or pickels, it always ends up in the truck. He drives his truck around and takes an occasional bite to eat.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nicholas David Bergman

We've been very busy the last month. After a long wait, we've sold our house in Troy. Not a moment too soon... considering we closed on our house one week before Baby Bergman was scheduled to arrive. Thanks to the many helpers on moving day, especially in the hot weather. We've moved into a rental house until our new house is built.
Tim & I left home Friday morning, July 22nd ready for the arrival of our new baby. We got checked in and moved to our room. The nurse asked a million questions and prepared us for the procedure. We were 5 minutes from going into the operating room when the nurse told us that there was a case upstairs and we would be delayed a few hours. Very disappointed, we got out the newspaper and started our wait. Fortunately, another person was called-in, so we were only delayed 45 minutes. Nicholas David Bergman was born at 10:49 AM. He weighed 8lbs 2 oz and was 21" long.
Family of Four

Such a little peanut in a big car seat!
The first night home was rough for all of us. The entire family was awake at 2 AM when Nicholas was ready to eat. Andrew was very concerned about the crying baby and started to cry himself. When Nicholas woke-up around 5 AM, Tim looked in on Andrew and didn't find him in his bed. We were quite concerned and started looking around the house. Tim found him downstairs on the couch. We were glad he was sound asleep as he walked down the stairs with his blankie and wondered over to the couch all in the dark!
Our first attempt at a picture of the boys. We first placed Nicholas on the couch and sat Andrew next to him. He didn't want to sit by him and scrambled to the other side of the couch.
1 Week Old
After a few days, Andrew warmed up to Nicholas and gave him an Aww!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Fun

Welcome Olt Twins. Anna & Abigail were born on June 3rd. We are very excited for Andrea & Tim. Andrew liked his new cousins and kept repeating, "Baby, Baby."

Andrew & Mommy's first time attending the world famous Poultry Days parade. Andrew did really well and wasn't scared of the loud noises. He sat in his stroller to watch all the fire trucks, tractors, cars, and bands. After the parade, we went to Grandpa & Grandma Bergmans where we played outside with his cousins Josie & Grant.

Recently, Andrew has been playing with Mommy's shoes. He was so excited when he was able to walk around with the shoes on. Such a big smile!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Spring

Since our last post, we've been very busy. We celebrated Marcus' birthday, took a weekend vacation to Pigeon Forge, celebrated Easter, went to baby showers, and enjoyed the warm weather. Unfortunately, I did not take enough pictures to capture everything.

Cousin Marcus turned 1 on March 28th. There was a party at Grandma & Grandpa Meier's house to celebrate. There were lots of kids at the party. Andrew was showing everyone how he could jump.

We received a bike trailer for Christmas. Andrew enjoys taking rides, especially if we ride to the park.

Dad & Andrew enjoying pretzels.

Andrew has started to eat apples all by himself. He is very proud to hold his own apple and take bites. Sometimes he shares with Mom & Dad.

Easter at G&G Meier's House. I think there is a new record for the number of people eating on the bench.

Andrew loves watching Daddy mow the grass. He watches out the back door and bangs on the door, "Daddy. Daddy. Hi Daddy."


At 20 months, Andrew's vocabulary is improving. He is learning new words and has started to repeat what Mom & Dad say. Some new words in his vocabulary include, "shower, truck, tractor, water, car, blueberry (although it sounds like blue). He absolutely loves to play outside and throws a fit when it is time to come inside!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is Here!!!

Thank goodness spring is here. Andrew is so excited to be outside. He has been very busy running around in the yard. He loves to throw the ball and chase after it.

Sharing a popsicle with Dad.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

18 Months & 20 Weeks

Our little guy is 18 months. He weighs about 26lbs and is wearing 24-month shirts and 18-month pants. He loves running around, throwing things, jumping, and climbing. He enjoys climbing onto the kitchen chairs so he can reach all the stuff on the table. Andrew is a good eater and hardly refuses any food. Within the last month, he has started to like more fruits including blueberries, grapes, & apples. He likes to help us eat our apples. He got 4 molars between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and his total teeth count is 12.

We managed to get an 18-month picture with the bear. Unfortunately, the only way we could get him to sit still was to give him his milk.

Tickles, Tickles, Tickles

Mom has reached the 1/2 way mark with baby Bergman #2. I've been feeling good, but more tired (likely from chasing Andrew). The baby has been moving and we were able to see the baby on an ultrasound today! Once again, the baby's sex will be a surprise at birth.