Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr. Big Stuff

At 9 months, Andrew began pulling himself up to a standing position. At first, he would hold on for dear life as his legs would wobble. After a week of standing, he has now learned how to get back down onto the floor. Mom & Dad had to quickly move stuff one step higher. He loves to go after the remotes, camera, and laptop.

He loves the chair obstacle course under the table.

Andrew has done a great job transitioning to chunky food and has finally started holding his bottle!

Swimming at G&G Bergman's pool.

He loves the water and splashing!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow, I can't believe Andrew is 9 months. He is growing-up so quickly. He is now crawling and quickly trying to learn how to climb up onto furniture. At his 9-month check-up, Andrew weighed 21.5 lbs (75%) and 31" long (95%).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Andrew's on the Move!

I attempted to take weekly pictures of Andrew. Lately, I've had a lot of problems since he's become interested in the paper. Unfortunately, I took over 20 pictures and none of them showed both the date & his face.

He was very excited that Mom let him play with the paper.

In the last couple weeks, Andrew has learned so many new things. He started scooting around 8-1/2 months. It is more like an army crawl, using his left arm and right leg to move forward. A few days after learning how to scoot, he was laying on his belly and backed himself-up into a sitting position. Now he is a pro at sitting himself upright.

Fortunately, Andrew has been pretty healthy, until he got his first cold last week. We visited the doctor on Thursday and he had a double ear infection. Mom & Dad took turns staying home from work for a couple days until his fever broke. When I arrived home from work Friday, Andrew was wearing a diaper and playing on the cool tile floor in front of the fireplace. The poor little guy had a constrant stream of liquid running down his face (runny nose and drool).

He discovered the fireplace grates. He is able to pull the grates off the fireplace, exposing the wires. Tim's first attempt to cover the grate was to cover it with a piece of cardboard. It worked for a couple hours until Andrew discovered the cardboard. Our 2nd attempt is to create a blockade using pillows... so far so good as long as he doesn't kick the pillows.
Loves to make noise!

Today, he ventured out of the living room and into the kitchen. He was excited to find a new toy, but got upset because it was attached and he could not pick it up. Everybody loves a good doorstop!