Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Spring

Since our last post, we've been very busy. We celebrated Marcus' birthday, took a weekend vacation to Pigeon Forge, celebrated Easter, went to baby showers, and enjoyed the warm weather. Unfortunately, I did not take enough pictures to capture everything.

Cousin Marcus turned 1 on March 28th. There was a party at Grandma & Grandpa Meier's house to celebrate. There were lots of kids at the party. Andrew was showing everyone how he could jump.

We received a bike trailer for Christmas. Andrew enjoys taking rides, especially if we ride to the park.

Dad & Andrew enjoying pretzels.

Andrew has started to eat apples all by himself. He is very proud to hold his own apple and take bites. Sometimes he shares with Mom & Dad.

Easter at G&G Meier's House. I think there is a new record for the number of people eating on the bench.

Andrew loves watching Daddy mow the grass. He watches out the back door and bangs on the door, "Daddy. Daddy. Hi Daddy."


At 20 months, Andrew's vocabulary is improving. He is learning new words and has started to repeat what Mom & Dad say. Some new words in his vocabulary include, "shower, truck, tractor, water, car, blueberry (although it sounds like blue). He absolutely loves to play outside and throws a fit when it is time to come inside!